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Player Name: Kris
Character's Name: Vivian
Character's username [personal profile] idonthateyou
Game Series: Portal
Link to previous app: WOW THIS IS FUCKIN OLD
Age (If there is a change): She is now 16, give or take.
Dorm or Living Arrangement: follow ur dreams

Canon point changes (If any): N/A
Additional history that happened since the last application:

Vivian had grown dramatically over the brief course of her life at Smash Academy. She'd learn to develop as a human being, despite the trials that came with, and within that life, she'd succumb to a variety of emotions that she simply couldn't keep together. Simplicity was her nature and often she crashed into complexity without much knowledge to keep herself from going into darkness. She grew to cherish everyone she met, even those that hated her for originally being a machine, hurting others to protect her loved ones and in time, she even had a family.

And just when she found even that small kindness in a cruel world began to fall apart, little Vivian fell through the cracks of the universe and ended up back at Aperture Laboratories. In a strange turn of events, she fell backwards in time before her creation, but when her shell came out, it was just a standard turret that did not slip into the academy as she had.

Unsure of how to feel about it, Vivian opted to live on, loving her humanity too much for too long. She remained there with GLaDOS still buzzing around and soon enough Wheatley doing something dumb, who knows. Getting pulverized, pfft.

Personality Changes: Contrary to the loving child she desperately tried to show everyone she could be, Vivian has become something more twisted. When she remembers her simple beginnings, Vivian is overwhelmed with joy. She carries on as if she had never left her family and friends, moving forward with a smile on her face.

However when she remembers certain people and situations, she converts into something more sinister. Living in a machine-ridden society with only her pain and sorrow to dwell on, she's become accustomed with bending to the will of her emotions. Never having coped and whispers in her ears have left Vivian doubtful about all of her relationships, and much as she is once again capable of doing, anything could pull the trigger and send her off the deep end. In this mode, she's prone to bouts of intense jealousy, outbursts, and potentially violence. This is equally likely in a scenario where someone she is determined to have in her life intends to step out or is about to be harmed by someone else.

In short, Vivian has embraced every corner of humanity's capacity to persevere, however it has come at the cost of essentially becoming night and day in the blink of an eye.

Other Notes: Vivian's speech has vastly improved, however there are still some things she won't have a grip on, typically in terms of social interactions, having spent the last 14-some-odd years with robots. Yippee.

In-Character 1st person sample:
Hello, friends! Do you remember me? It's been so long, but I haven't forgotten you. I wonder who's still here? [ She hesitates. ] ... Taka? Doctor? Sonny? Are you still here?

[ It goes without saying that despite the smile on her lips, it's fading fast unless someone answers her. ]

In-Character 3rd person sample:
If there was one thing Vivian wish she had never developed, it was anxiety. Not that she completely had a grasp on frozen palms yet racing heart, but it wasn't a feeling unfamiliar to her, even if it lacked a name. She felt her mind sway across her memories as she approached the building: Taka, the Doctor, Sonny, Brown - all her friends and family. As she embraced the memory with a small smile, it quickly grew dark as the bitterness that would inevitably follow choked her from behind.

Her anxiety collapsed under its grip, her eyes losing focus on what was in front of her. Ah... She couldn't help but wonder if anyone was still around after all this time. After all, in her mind, approximately 14 years had gone by, so everyone must be grown up by now, right?

Could she put them in their places this time?

And she smiled. Bitterly.


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